Product Information


Product Packaging

  • Customers will be able to choose how they want their cookies packaged after they select the ones they would like to purchase. The options are;
    • An elegant Roma Bakery Pastry Shop box. Size of box will vary depending on amount of cookies purchased.(Free of Charge)
    • Roma's beautiful and decorative cookie tray. Size of tray will vary depending on amount of cookies purchased.(Additional $5.50)
    • Roma's special Holiday tin. Holiday tins are only availabe for 2LB,3LB,4LB of cookies. Tins vary depending on different Holidays/Seasons/Festivities.(Additional $6.50)  


Product Inventory

  • Roma Bakery Online Shop provides a number of steady products that will be availabe all throughout the year.
    • Most of these products will also be availabe with different decorations, modifications and packaging options according to the different seasons and holidays.
    • We will also have products that will only be made/available during certain times of the year or certain holidays.

Quality Guarantee

  • All of Roma's cookies are made with nothing but the finest ingredients imported from all over the world. We take pride in making unique and exquisite desserts that you will not find anywhere else. All of our products are made fresh and to your order, so we ask if you could please allow 2-5 days for us to make your order before it gets shipped. We receive an extremely high volume of orders around the holidays (especially Christmas) Thank you and ENJOY!