Assorted Ungheresi (Jam Filled Middle)

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Roma's ungheresi cookies are a one of a kind goodies that you can't find anywhere else. We use our unique cookie dough to create a delicious cookie-like sandwitch with different jam filling in the middle (rapsberry, lemon, apricot). To top them off we dip them in our finest chocolate and decorate them in all sorts of different creative ways (often seasonal decorations.) The assorted ungheresi wil consist of a mixture of all three of our jam fillings.

Servings per pound: (Approxametely 14 Ungheresi per pound)


3LB= 18-20

4LB= 23-25

5LB= 28-30

6LB= 33-35

7LB= 38-40

8LB= 43-45

9LB= 48-50

10LB= 53-55